Reports: Antonio Brown accused of rape in lawsuit

first_imgNew England Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown is accused of rape by a woman who says she was his personal trainer, according to a lawsuit filed in federal court in Florida, multiple outlets reported Tuesday.Brown, who was released by the Raiders on Saturday before playing a game with the team, denied the allegations through a statement issued by his lawyer.According to the reports, the woman alleges Brown, a resident of South Florida, sexually assaulted her three times — twice in June 2017 …last_img read more

Evolution vs Science

first_imgIf evolution were subject to falsification, it would have been abandoned 160 years ago. The facts keep attacking Darwinism.Darwinism gets a favored status in academia and the media it doesn’t deserve. Facts have been lodged it against it repeatedly, yet it survives a strong consensus. Why is that?Senescence: Still an Unsolved Problem of Biology (bioRxiv). Peter Medawar (1915-1987), a Nobel laureate and evolutionist, smeared Darwin doubters by saying, “For a biologist the alternative to thinking in evolutionary terms is not to think at all.” And yet a problem he raised within Darwinian theory remains unsolved. How much more time do they get?Peter Medawar’s ‘An Unsolved Problem of Biology’ was one of several formal attempts to provide an explanation for the evolution of senescence, the increasing risk of mortality and decline in reproduction with age after achieving maturity. Despite ca. seven decades of theoretical elaboration aiming to explain the problem since Medawar first outlined it, we argue that this fundamental problem of biology remains unsolved.Horizontal gene transfer overrides mutation in Escherichia coli colonizing the mammalian gut (PNAS). Gut bacteria should be a lab for evolution, because the germs reproduce fast and adapt to their environment. In this study, however, scientists found that bacteria change by sharing existing genetic information (horizontal gene transfer) rather than by the mutation-selection theory predicted by Darwin. The first assertion in the Abstract contradicts the findings:Bacteria evolve by mutation accumulation in laboratory experiments, but tempo and mode of evolution in natural environments are largely unknown. Here, we study the ubiquitous natural process of host colonization by commensal bacteria. We show, by experimental evolution of Escherichia coli in the mouse intestine, that the ecology of the gut controls the pace and mode of evolution of a new invading bacterial strain. If a resident E. coli strain is present in the gut, the invading strain evolves by rapid horizontal gene transfer (HGT), which precedes and outweighs evolution by accumulation of mutations.Probing an evolutionary riddle (Science Magazine). This article was mentioned in yesterday’s post, but fits here as well: Evolutionists cannot explain the tendency of humans to harm themselves. Elizabeth Culotta explores various theory-rescues to explain the “evolution of suicide”—which even Darwin considered contradictory to his theory—but ends up confused.Evolutionary psychiatrist Randolph Nesse of Arizona State University in Tempe says he’s “intrigued, but by no means convinced,” by Soper’s idea that humans have been shaped by tendencies to avoid suicide. Nesse emphasizes that suicide “is a behavior that can have many possible causes and motives,” so no unified evolutionary theory can adequately explain it.Exceptional preservation of mid-Cretaceous marine arthropods and the evolution of novel forms via heterochrony (Science Magazine). This headline sounds like evolution is scoring points, but whenever you hear the phrase “exceptional preservation,” Darwin gets nervous. An unusual crab fossil is making these Darwinians grab theory rescue devices out of their bag of tricks, including convergent evolution and “heterochrony,” a fancy word for tweaking evolutionary developmental rates to save the theory. Even so, it doesn’t help rescue Darwin’s idea of mutation and natural selection.Evolutionary origins of novel forms are often obscure because early and transitional fossils tend to be rare, poorly preserved, or lack proper phylogenetic contexts. We describe a new, exceptionally preserved enigmatic crab from the mid-Cretaceous of Colombia and the United States, whose completeness illuminates the early disparity of the group and the origins of novel forms. Its large and unprotected compound eyes, small fusiform body, and leg-like mouthparts suggest larval trait retention into adulthood via heterochronic development (pedomorphosis), while its large oar-like legs represent the earliest known adaptations in crabs for active swimming. Our phylogenetic analyses, including representatives of all major lineages of fossil and extant crabs, challenge conventional views of their evolution by revealing multiple convergent losses of a typical “crab-like” body plan since the Early Cretaceous.So the thing lost traits and kept its baby parts. How novel. Darwin won’t get humans from bacteria with that kind of evolution.Oldest completely preserved lily discovered in Brazil ( Another exceptionally-preserved fossil challenges Darwinism. Complete with supporting leaves, petals and pistils, this lily was 100% lily at 115 million Darwin Years old—the oldest lily ever found. “Already 115 million years ago, tropical flowering plants were apparently very diverse and showed all typical characteristics.” In addition, the same fossil bed contains diverse angiosperms including “water lilies, aron rods, drought-resistant magnolias and relatives of pepper and laurel.” So where is the evolution? Did flowering plants just pop into existence, like Popeye? (see 17 August 2019).Plants obey (and disobey) the island rule (PNAS). Here’s an illustration of the proverb, “Evolution works, except when it doesn’t.” There are very few rules in the Stuff Happens Law. One of them was supposed to be the Island Rule: animals evolve toward a medium size on islands. It’s not so simple. Watch theory rescue at work (‘evolution works in strange ways’) in the light of contradictory observations:The island rule predicts that small animals evolve to become larger on islands, while large animals evolve to become smaller. It has been studied for over half a century, and its validity is fiercely debated. Here, we provide a perspective on the debate by conducting a test of the island rule in plants. Results from an extensive dataset on islands in the southwest Pacific illustrate that plant stature and leaf area obey the island rule, but seed size does not. Our results indicate that the island rule may be more pervasive than previously thought and that support for its predictions varies among functional traits.Rapid evolution: New findings on its molecular mechanisms (Science Daily). There may be change in this story one could “call” evolution, but it is not Darwinian. It does not involve mutation and selection. It also contradicts a Darwinian prediction that speciation occurs after geographic separation (allopatric speciation). Lastly, it’s a case of microevolution that is not controversial, even among creationists. The kind of microevolutionary “sympatric” speciation described here involves changes in microRNA regulation—an epigenetic heritable change that does an end run around Darwin’s mechanism.Genetic diversity couldn’t save Darwin’s finches (Univ. of Cincinnati). Darwin’s finches are well-known icons of evolution, but they shouldn’t be. They are very similar birds exhibiting microevolution. Now, however, a new study may turn them into icons of non-Darwinism. “A study by the University of Cincinnati found that Charles Darwin’s famous finches defy what has long been considered a key to evolutionary success: genetic diversity.” There’s plenty of genetic diversity within and between populations of these birds, but it is not saving them from the risk of extinction. Was Darwin wrong?Yes, Darwin was wrong. As reported earlier (5 August 2019), Yale professor David Gelernter has abandoned Darwinian evolution for its many contradictions to reason and evidence. As more and more prominent scientists become brave enough to risk their careers and reputations by becoming Darwin skeptics, they pave the way for others to do so. Some will get tired of the just-so storytelling habit and continual theory rescues required to force observations into Darwin’s ideology. When a tipping point is reached, the collapse of Darwinism could be rapid.We had to stop the list of Science vs Darwin cases here in order to keep the article short, but these are far from the only examples. Consider the Cambrian explosion, sudden appearance and stasis in the fossil record, living fossils, non-Darwinian mechanisms, and lack of explanations for all the complexity and beauty of the living world, to say nothing of the origin of life, the origin of consciousness, and all the astronomical and cosmological evidences of fine tuning. Darwin’s days are numbered. Will we live to see the day he is finally laughed off the stage for the charlatan he was? ‘Stuff Happens’—good grief. The most elegant theory in the history of science, Dawkins calls it. Yes, that deserves a round of laughter, mixed with boos and hisses.Humpty Darwin sits on a wall of foam bricks held together by decayed mortar. Cartoon by Brett Miller commissioned for CEH. All rights reserved. (Visited 546 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享48last_img read more

‘Plant a tree – save our planet’

first_img26 August 2008The Department of Water Affairs and Forestry is calling on all South Africans to join in celebrating this year’s Arbour Week, starting on 1 September, by planting trees in their communities to help mitigate the effects of climate change.Tree planting remains one of the most cost-effective ways of addressing climate change, as trees and forests play a vital role in regulating climate, since they absorb carbon dioxide. Deforestation, by contrast, accounts for over 20% of the carbon dioxide humans generate, rivalling emissions from other sources.Trees also play a crucial role in providing a range of products and services to rural and urban populations, including food, timber, fibre, medicines and energy as well as soil fertility, water and biodiversity conservation.Arbour Week – themed “Plant trees: save our planet” – will set the stage for events around the country which will see government departments, non-government organisations, schools and communities planting trees.The campaign aims to promote improved knowledge of trees, particularly indigenous trees, and highlight the vital roles they play in the natural environment. It will also emphasise the role that ordinary South Africans in greening the country, just by planting and taking care of trees.SA’s million tree campaignThe week will also see the start of this year’s Plant a Million Trees Campaign, an initiative launched by President Thabo Mbeki and Water Affairs and Forestry Minister Lindiwe Hendricks in GaRankuwa, north of Pretoria last year.A total of 681 749 trees have been planted since the campaign was launched, with the Mpumalanga province having planted the most trees – 129 314 – to date.The department’s Arbour Week manager Tebogo Mathiane said that Arbour Week had become a huge success in recent years, with more and more people showing an interest in planting trees in their neighbourhoods.Billion tree campaignThe Billion Tree Campaign, launched by the United Nations Environment Programme and the World Agro-forestry Centre in 2006 as a response to the threat of global warming has already reached double its original target.The campaign, which can count of the patronage of Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and Kenyan Green Belt Movement founder Wangari Maathai and Prince Albert II of Monaco, has since planted two billion trees in 18 months. This year, the target has been raised to seven billion trees.Regional and national governments organised the most massive plantings, with Ethiopia leading the count at 700-million, followed by Turkey (400-million), Mexico (250-million), and Kenya (100-million). In terms of geographic distribution, Africa is the leading region with over half of all tree plantings.“Having exceeded every target that has been set for the campaign, we are now calling on individuals, communities, business and industry, civil society organisations and governments to evolve this initiative on to a new and even higher level,” said UN Environment Programme director Achim Steiner.Source: BuaNewslast_img read more

Messaging drives SA mobile internet

first_imgBridging the digital divide FNB Cellphone Banking Solutions CEO Ravesh Ramlakan said that while the overall cellphone banking service had grown more rapidly than online banking, the adoption of FNB’s mobile banking WAP site has been relatively slow. Tier 1: The WAP Internet – access to Wireless Access Protocol gateways, which includes mobile versions of brand sites, mobile versions of traditional and new media publisher sites, downloads of ringtones, games and other content, which may only involve a single link from the phone; the typical user of the WAP internet is not always aware of using the internet. The implications of these numbers are significant: in one fell swoop, they would turn the South African internet user base from the 5.3-million reported by World Wide Worx at the end of 2009 to 9.6-million. Add Instant Messaging to the mix, and the total becomes 10.56-million – exactly double that of the internet user base at the end of last year. “The truth is, many people with these applications on their phones do not use them and do not even know how to use them,” said Goldstuck. Three tiers of mobile internet Tier 3: Mobile Web Browsing – usage of a web browser to access the internet from the phone – understood by most users to represent full internet access. SAinfo reporterWould you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See: Using SAinfo material Cellphone banking: brighter future The framework consist of three tiers, namely: The Mobile Internet in South Africa 2010 report, conducted by local research firm World Wide Worx, shows that the usage of specific applications like Mxit and Facebook Mobile far outpaces browsing on the phone. Use of mobile internet services has exploded in South Africa, even though less than half of urban users with internet-capable phones are using the internet, according to a comprehensive new study. The findings suggest, on the surface, that more than half of urban mobile users – 8.5-million – are capable of accessing e-mail on their phones, and as many as 60% – 9.5-million – are able to browse on their phones.center_img The study was conducted face-to-face among urban mobile phone users aged 16 and older, representing 16-million South Africans. Tier 2: The Mobile Application Internet – usage of “stand-alone” applications on the phone that rely on data feeds, such as Mxit, Gmail, and Maps; the typical user is aware of using data, but not of fully accessing the internet. And, while 60% of users in this market have phones that can browse the internet, only 21% report that they use this form of mobile internet access. 27 May 2010 “It is quite startling to find how many have these features on their phones but don’t use them, either out of ignorance or because of cost concerns,” World Wide Worx MD Arthur Goldstuck said in a statement this week. For several years, the question of how many South Africans use the internet from their cellphones has been veiled in confusion, with claimed numbers ranging from half a million to 15-million. “Defining the mobile internet is important,” said Mobile Marketing Association founding chairman Rick Joubert. “Neither one of the mobile internet usage tiers is any more important than the other, but decision-makers and marketers should understand the nature of the end user experience as clearly as possible.” While 28% of the urban cellular market is using mobile instant messaging (IM), as many as 65% have the capacity on their phones, meaning that only 4.5-million out of 10.5-million potential mobile IM users actually use it. In many cases, an application has been installed on the phone, and the owner may even have registered to use the service, but is not in fact a user. “Customers either do not know how to access it via their cellphone, or their phone needs to be configured first in order to access. However, with technology lifecycles, the adoption to internet banking via the cellphone will feature more prominently in future,” he said. “It is clear that the cellphone has the potential to take South Africans across the digital divide, but the phones themselves need to become more user-friendly, and a vast amount of consumer education is needed.” During the past year, representatives of two of the key players in the debate, World Wide Worx and the South African Mobile Marketing Association, agreed to a formal framework within which they would report the key statistics for internet usage and access on cellphones.last_img read more

Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — December 20, 2017

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Ryan Martin 171220Short term offers no change this morning. We have nothing different for today, tomorrow and even Friday. The next two days we see a similar pattern to yesterday, with a mix of clouds and sun. However, a cold front did slip through overnight, so temps may be slightly colder today than yesterday. On Friday we have clouds thickening up, and we can’t rule out some minor spits and sprinkles giving no more than a few hundredths to a tenth over about 40% of the state.Friday night gets a lot more active and that pattern continues through Saturday and even into early Sunday. Rains look to be very impressive and we are bumping up our top end of our rain range. WE are now calling for weekend rains of .25”-1.5” with the heavy rains staying in southern Ohio. We will not rule out thunderstorms in those heavy rain areas. The front is impressive and it has good moisture flow ahead of it. The map below shows rain totals through Saturday midnight.AS cold air blasts into the state on Sunday, we see some snow developing. However, we think the heaviest snow stays farther south and east of us. For now, we like 1-4 inches over about 70% of the state. Track is key here, and we will be waiting to put out our official snow totals until later tomorrow afternoon. But, it is looking more and more like we end up dodging a big bullet for snow on Christmas Eve through Christmas Day. Christmas afternoon should be mostly dry and sun should try to come out. However, the cold air continues to build, and we will be looking at brutal wind chills Christmas night.We are dry and very cold for Tuesday through Thursday. Temps will be well below normal. Then a clipper system rotates through the state for Thursday night and Friday, bringing potential for several inches of snow. This will be ahead of a stronger system lifting out of the southern plains for the start of New Year’s weekend. Temperatures remain very cold right on through into the New Year.In the extended period, we have another clipper for late the 1st into the 2nd that brings snows out of the Great Lakes right across the region. WE follow that with a cold front for the 3rd into the 4th that can also trigger several inches of snow. The cold holds through at least the first third of January.last_img read more

Boxer Laishram Devendro Singh wants to come up trumps in Rio de Janeiro in 2016

first_imgHe was the most impressive male Indian boxer with his aggressive style at the London Olympics. Light flyweight Laishram Devendro Singh tried his best in the quarter-finals against Irishman Paddy Barnes but missed out on a bronze medal by a close margin.The way he fought whole-heartedly, he could get away with the excuse of poor scoring and refereeing made by a few of his teammates. But Devendro has gone the other way and confessed it was his “lack of preparation” which hampered his chances.”What can I say about this defeat? I could have won a medal and missed out by a whisker. But I think I should have been better prepared. My opponent Barnes was a well-prepared boxer; he fought better and won,” a humble Devendro said at the sidelines of a ceremony where Monnet Group felicitate all eight boxers who went to the Olympics.Like an ambitious sportsman, Devendro is upset with the defeat but not disheartened and believes with more preparation he will make the podium in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.”Preparation is something which I can do in future. I have age on my side and time to chase an Olympic medal. I am not disheartened by the defeat in London. I want to win the medal with more preparation next time,” said the 20-year-old Manipuri boxer.Devendro was trailing 10-17 after the second round against Barnes, and the Indian came out all guns blazing in the third and final round and scored eight points. His effort was not enough for a medal and he lost the bout 18-23.advertisementAlthough he lost the bout, Devendro is satisfied with the way he performed in the competition. “Whatever talent I had I poured in the quarter-finals and this satisfies me. I might not have ended on the podium but I played my heart out.”In fact after the second round I recovered very well and at the end of the third round I thought I had won this bout. Though I had scored more points tha Barnes, I still lost,” he said.Barnes was at the receiving end in his bout against Devendro during a training-cum-competition session in Ireland last month, but in London the Irishman turned the tables on the Indian.”He (Barnes) was pretty uncomfortable against me in Ireland but in London it turned out the other way. It taught me to be prepared at every moment, irrespective of the previous results,” said Devendro.Meanwhile, like a leader who takes pride in his team’s success and accepts failure with grace, India coach Gurbux Singh Sandhu took responsibility for the side’s modest show in London. He confessed that he was satisfied with boxers’ individual performance but disappointment at India not clinching a medal.”I can make 100 excuses for my boys not clinching a medal, but in the end, it’s the medal that counts. It’s the medal which remains in the memories of fans and near misses fade away with the passage of time,” he said.”I feel personally responsible for the miss. I was head of the team and everyone supported us. The sports minister personally came and asked the boys if they needed any help, but we still could not get a medal,” he said. However, Sandhu feels that the jolt was timely and the Indian men’s team will learn from it.”Sometimes a jolt is necessary. It awakens you and tells where you lack or what went wrong. In our case, it came at a wrong time. Had it came in a build-up tournament, we would have been cautious for London.”But our coaches and officials will sit and analyse our shortcomings and where we need to make changes in order to get better results in Rio de Janeiro,” he signed off.Mary gets Rs 11 lakhMonnet Ispat Energy Limited handed out a cheque of Rs11 to Mary Kom for her bronze-medal winning performance in the London Olympics.last_img read more

Wallsend High Performance Camp

first_imgSome of Australia’s best coaches and players will pass on their knowledge to the Wallsend Wolves’ talent this weekend as part of the Wallsend Touch Association’s High Performance Program training camp. The camp is being held for Wallsend’s Men’s and Women’s Open teams as well as its Under 20’s teams who will be travelling to Sydney each weekend in the coming months to take part in the New South Wales Touch Association’s Vawdon Cup competition. The Wolves have nominated four teams in this season’s competition, in the Men’s and Women’s Premier League divisions as well as in Division One, which is the first time in the club’s history that this has taken place. Having the opportunity to compete in the Vawdon Cup will help these teams become exposed to elite level competitions on a regular basis in an effort to keep up-to-date with the latest trends in the game.Australian Men’s Open coach, Tony Trad, Australian Women’s Open coach, Peter Bell and Touch Football Australia’s (TFA) Director of High Performance, Cathy Gray, will be in attendance at the camp while current National Training Squad members, Kirsty Quince, Jessica McCall (Women’s) and Simon Lang (Mixed), will also take part in the weekend. The weekend will consist of practical and theory sessions as well as team building activities. Wallsend Wolves’ coaching director and junior club president, Mark Andrews says the club is looking forward to the weekend.  “We have been very lucky to have current Australian Women’s Open assistant coach Karley Banks move to the area and take up the role of head coach and instantly get people excited about being involved in something like this.”“We are hoping now to retain local players and help them develop and progress through the representative ranks and be able to still enjoy the chance to play with their friends and stay together. Our club is 100 percent behind the program, its coaching staff and the players see a bright future for not only the Open’s program, but all the players affiliated with the club,” Andrews said. Related LinksWallsend Wolves Camplast_img read more

Video: Iowa’s Marshall Koehn Beats Pittsburgh With 57-Yard Field Goal To End Game

first_imgIowa kicker Marshall Koehn kicks a 57 yard field gaol to win the game.Twitter/@IowaonBTNMost college coaches wouldn’t be comfortable sending their kicker out for a 57-yard field goal to win the game. Kirk Ferentz is not one of those coaches. With the game tied at 24, Hawkeye kicker Marshall Koehn blasts one from 57 out to send Pittsburgh home with a loss. As you can imagine, the team mobs him after the win becomes official.How about a 57-yd FG for the win? That’s nothing for @HawkeyeFootball K Marshall Koehn! Brought to you by #GrubHub.— Iowa on BTN (@IowaOnBTN) September 20, 2015Remember, folks, kickers are people too. Sometimes, they’ll even win you a game.last_img read more

The 5 Teams With The Best Odds Of Reaching The College Football Playoff

first_imgA general view during the first quarter of the 2017 College Football Playoff National Championship Game between the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Clemson Tigers at Raymond James Stadium.TAMPA, FL – JANUARY 09: A general view during the first quarter of the 2017 College Football Playoff National Championship Game between the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Clemson Tigers at Raymond James Stadium on January 9, 2017 in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by Tim Bradbury/Getty Images)Alabama, unsurprisingly, has the best odds of reaching this season’s College Football Playoff. Bovada released College Football Playoff odds for the 2016 season and the Crimson Tide are at the top. Nick Saban’s team has 3/2 odds to make this year’s playoff. Alabama is trailed by:Oklahoma – 7/4Michigan – 9/5Clemson – 2/1Ohio State – 2/1Top odds to make CFP (per @bovadaLV) Alabama 3/2#Sooners 7/4 Michigan 9/5 Clemson 2/1 Ohio State 2/1Other Big 12: #OkState 7/1, TCU 17/2,— Eric Bailey (@EricBaileyTW) July 22, 2016The odds for the other top teams:LSU – 3/1Tennessee – 13/4Florida State – 7/2Notre Dame – 4/1USC – 4/1Florida – 7/1Oklahoma State – 7/1Who are you picking to reach this season’s College Football Playoff?The season starts in a little more than a month.last_img read more

Godin praises Atletico team

first_imgAtletico Madrid’s Diego Godin refuse to carried away with his own stellar performance in their semi-final victory against Arsenal and instead chose to praise the efforts of the team as they made their third final in the past eight yearsThe Uruguayan defender produced a magnificent display for Atletico as they kept their 12th consecutive home clean sheet against an Arsenal side that was desperately trying to find a way back into the tie for their departing coach Arsene Wenger.However, Los Rojiblancos were able to hold on and will now meet Marseille for the final of the Europa League on May 16 at Lyon.“My job is to defend and to organise others,” Godin told BeIn Sports (via Football-Espana).Jadon SanchoMerson believes Arsenal should sign Sancho Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 Borussia Dortmund winger Jadon Sancho might be the perfect player to play for the Gunners, according to former England international Paul Merson.“Tonight we were able to defend well but I only want to speak about us collectively and not individually and tonight the work rate was very important.“Our concentration was really strong and we helped each other out but our performance was well-balanced because we also had a danger in attack.“We have always said we want to win another European trophy this season and we have the same attitude as in the Champions League, these competitions are of the same importance.“We know we are capable of winning the final and we hope our fans, who were magnificent tonight, will show again why they are the best in the world.”last_img read more