Arcata, Fortuna to host NCS playoff games tonight

first_imgBoth Arcata High football, reigning champions of the Little 4 Conference, and Fortuna, the defending Division 5-A state champions, will begin postseason play tonight with a pair of home stands in the first round of the North Coast Section playoffs.No. 9 Cloverdale (6-4) at No. 8 Arcata (6-4)After an 0-3 start to their 2018 season the Tigers, under the direction of second-year head coach Jamal Jones, won six of their last seven games including five of six league games to finish above .500 and …last_img read more

Design in Tiny Fruit Flies

first_img(Visited 24 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 Among the smallest of flyers, these amazing insects pack incredible technology into a tiny package.Stabilizers: All flies (Diptera, “two wings”) have appendages called halteres located where the second pair of wings would be on other insects. These structures are not degenerate wings, though; they have a purpose, acting as stabilizers. Science Daily says they are “essential for flight in all flies” but also function as stabilizers while climbing for some species. The article calls them a “sensory organ,” implying that they do more than vibrate; they provide information to the brain. Perhaps larger flies, because they have more mass, use them the same way when climbing walls as they do when flying, whereas fruit flies hold them out steady when climbing.The findings suggest these mallet-shaped sensory organs, called halteres, may play multiple roles in how flies behave, providing clues to how brains absorb and use multiple streams of information.When you think about how small a fruit fly’s brain must be, that’s a very tiny space in which to pack a multiprocessor. The article claims that halteres evolved from flies’ hind wings, but notes that all 200,000 species of flies have them and use them. “All flies, no matter the suborder, needed halteres to fly,” a researcher at Case Western Reserve University found. “Without them, they could at best lift off but quickly lost control.” These gyroscopic sense organs gave the team ideas for robotics. “These biosensors can also be models for humanmade sensors,” assistant professor Jessica Fox said. “They’re solving the same problems humans do but with a smaller set of neurons. Sensors like the ones that flies have could enable flying machines to land more smoothly, or help them climb walls.”Climbing windpipes: The cells that form a fruit fly’s windpipe need to “climb” into position, another Science Daily article says. There’s a “master regulator” gene that creates a protein named Mipp1 that “orchestrates” the positioning of cells in the breathing organ, scientists at Johns Hopkins found. Who would have thought that the development of a microscopic tube in a fly’s windpipe is like a symphonic performance? The resulting tissue forms an “intricate network,” the article says.Fly longevity: Would you have imagined that research on fruit flies could improve the quality and length of human life? It’s true. The Buck Institute for Research on Aging is learning about human aging by studying fruit flies, according to another article on Science Daily.Dietary restriction enhances the expression of the circadian clock genes in the peripheral tissue of fruit flies, according to research from the Kapahi lab at the Buck Institute. Publishing in Cell Metabolism, the researchers show that dietary restriction, induced by reducing protein in the diet, increased the amplitude of circadian clocks and enhanced the cycles of fat breakdown and fat synthesis. This improvement in fat metabolism may be a key mechanism in explaining why dietary restriction extends lifespan in several species, including the flies in this study.The research also presents a tantalizing possibility for humans eager to take a drug that would allow them to reap the health benefits of dietary restriction without going on an extreme diet. When scientists genetically altered the flies to boost clock function the animals lived longer, even when they ate whatever they wanted to. On the other hand, disrupting the clocks, either genetically or by keeping the flies under constant light, made the animals irresponsive to the beneficial effects of dietary restriction.Something amazing about these tiny flyers is that their biological clocks “maintain a remarkable robustness as they age,” the article says. “It is exciting to contemplate how this mechanism might be exploited for human health.”The large insects, like dragonflies and grasshoppers, are remarkable enough for their exquisite designs, but tiny fruit flies pack much of the same technology in a fraction of the space. A brain, a digestive system, a respiratory system, muscles, biological clocks, sensory organs, fantastic eyes, super-sensitive olfactory organs, sex organs, and flight hardware and software are just some of the high-tech equipment their Creator packed into these diminutive creatures. Moreover, the design extends all the way down to individual cells, where the engineering is even more astonishing. Many creationists rightly glorify God for the big giraffes, dinosaurs and elephants He made, but we shouldn’t ignore the little guys. There’s perhaps even more creative genius displayed in the ability to microminiaturize systems so good that our top scientists study ways to imitate them.last_img read more

Yahoo Acquires Koprol, a Location-Based Social Network

first_imgYahoo announced last night it has acquired Koprol, an Indonesian mobile location-based service. With Koprol, which launched last year, users are able to see where their friends are and what they’re doing in real-time. Like Foursquare here in the U.S., Koprol lets people check in when they arrive at a particular location and then share tips, reviews, photos or other messages with nearby users. According to a statement from Yahoo’s Rose Tsou, senior VP of the Asia region, mobile users are increasingly using mobile phones for Internet access. “This is especially true in many emerging markets where we are introducing the Yahoo brand to many new-to-Net users,” she said. “Koprol was uniquely designed for mobile phones and within a year has already built a strong user base.” The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technology Tags:#Location#mobile#news#NYT#web#Yahoo Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces Related Posts What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … On the Koprol blog post announcing the news, the company says it now plans to get “bigger” and expand beyond Indonesia. It will also be able to roll out new and planned features faster, thanks to Yahoo’s support, including mobile applications, business accounts and an Indonesian-language version. Although the comparisons to Foursquare abound, Koprol is more like a mashup of Foursquare and Yelp. Like Foursquare (or any of the popular location-based social networks, really, including Brightkite, Gowalla, Loopt, etc.) you can check in to a location or create your own and then join the location’s discussions. Plus, in Koprol, you can “summon” your friends to chat with you. However, it’s the “social city guide” that sets it apart. This feature is more like Yelp, the San Francisco-based user-generated-reviews site. Koprol users can rate local restaurants, shops and businesses with thumbs-up and thumbs-down buttons. (For what it’s worth, Yelp is also trying to turn its service into a mobile social network by offering a check-in feature, but as of yet it hasn’t really taken off). Will Koprol’s First Mobile App be for Nokia Phones?In a separate deal also announced yesterday, Yahoo and Nokia revealed their new partnership, something they dubbed Project Nike, in reference to the Greek goddess of victory. The partnership includes adding Yahoo services into Nokia mobile phones and building Nokia features, like Ovi Maps, into Yahoo’s offerings. Specifically, Nokia will power Yahoo’s maps and navigation while Yahoo will run its email and chat programs on Nokia’s Ovi platform. Considering this newfound alliance, it’s possible that Koprol’s first dedicated mobile application hinted at in the company blog post could be for Nokia phones. Nothing along those lines has been announced or confirmed, though. In the meantime, those curious about Koprol can create an account on its website. You can sign in via Facebook, Google, Twitter or Yahoo (of course) and then associate your account with those same services as well as FireEagle, Yahoo’s own open location-based platform. The FireEagle integration, in fact, may be why this startup was such an attractive acquisition target. sarah perez Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagementlast_img read more

Supreme Court discusses ‘voluntary code of conduct’ for Cabinet Ministers

first_imgA Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court is hearing arguments on whether Cabinet Ministers at both the Central and State levels should have a “voluntary model code of conduct” which addresses their private and public activities.The submissions about such a code were made before the five-judge Bench led by Justice Arun Mishra, which is examining if “greater restrictions” should be imposed on the right of free speech and expression of high public functionaries to protect the citizen’s fundamental right to lead a dignified life.Two petitions The question was framed after family members of the Bulandshahr rape case victim complained about former Uttar Pradesh Minister Azam Khan’s public statements that the rape case was part of a political conspiracy against the then Akhilesh Yadav government. The Bench is also hearing a separate petition filed by a Kerala-based man, Joseph Shine, represented by senior lawyer Kaleeswaram Raj, about the public comments made by State Minister M.M. Mani.Both Attorney General K.K. Venugopal and Mr. Raj, who are assisting the Constitution Bench, were against introducing additional restrictions. Mr. Venugopal argued that the SC has taken a consistent stand in the past against invocation of any further restrictions on free speech of citizens, and public men are no exception.Mr. Raj asked the court to direct the government to frame the code of conduct for Cabinet Ministers. “The code of conduct should reflect constitutional morality and values of good governance. The acts of the persons holding public offices can be thus subjected to better and meaningful public scrutiny, which in turn would ensure democratic accountability,” Mr. Raj argued before the Constitution Bench.He said the Union Ministry of Home Affairs has already a code of conduct for Ministers, which essentially is concerned about financial discipline. “Nothing is emanating from the code which addresses the private and public activities of the Ministers in general. This is too narrow and inadequate,” the senior lawyer argued.last_img read more

Chris Cairns, Sachin Tendulkar, Shaun Pollock shine in Super Selector competition

first_imgPlaying after an interval of a year New Zealand allrounder Chris Cairns’ performance in the Brisbane Test against Australia made him the first Player of the Week for November in the ESPNStar Super Selector competition.Cairns’ show pitchforked him ahead of Jacques Kallis and Lance Klusener in the race for the,Playing after an interval of a year New Zealand allrounder Chris Cairns’ performance in the Brisbane Test against Australia made him the first Player of the Week for November in the ESPNStar Super Selector competition.Cairns’ show pitchforked him ahead of Jacques Kallis and Lance Klusener in the race for the Allrounder of the Week title.Cairns’ 104 runs and six wickets also took him ahead of Zimbabwe pacemen Travis Friend, the Surprise of the Week, who had reason to feel cheated by the weather which prevented play in the last two days of the first Test against Bangladesh in Dhaka.For someone who was valued at 25 points at the start of the month, Friend did very well for himself – and his backers – with his hostility with the ball and, later, with his crafty batting.Little big man Sachin Tendulkar emerged the Batsman of the Week with his brilliant 155 in the first innings of the first Test against South Africa in Bloemfontein.South African skipper Shaun Pollock, the Player of the Month for October, carried his good form with the ball into the first Test against India by becoming the Bowler of the Week.Adam Gilchrist’s 138 runs and three catches in Australia’s drawn Test with New Zealand won him the Wicket-keeper of the Week crown.Mark Waugh, expected to sizzle in the first Test at Brisbane, managed only to fizzle and became the Wet Cracker of the Week.Valued at 125 points at the start of the month, Waugh’s first innings duck set him in line for the dubious honour. An uneventful week for the junior Waugh who – incidentally the world-record holder for the most catches in Tests – was not even among the five Australians who held catches at the Gabba.There are now 2,65,000 cricket fans participating in the November ESPNStar Sports Super Selector game show. There are prizes to be won, the chance to put your cricket knowledge to the test and the anticipation of seeing your dream team perform. If you aren’t on the Super Selector bus yet, log on to and start the journey.REGIONAL HITSThe ESPNStar Super Selectors for October come from Karachi, Kannur and elsewhereZONESUPER SELECTORINTERNATIONALAdnan AmjadA Wasim Akram fan, Amjad, 25, is a software firm owner from Karachi. Not dissuaded by not getting any prize, Amjad will keep on playing “because it is a good, fun game”.CENTRAL Rehan KhanAn assistant marketing manager with an FMCG company, Khan feels he would have won the Super Selector competition had he been more careful with his substitutions.SOUTHBijunarayananBijunarayanan is a teacher from Kannur whose hobby is quizzing. His favourite cricketer is Tendulkar but Australia – “absolute professionals” – is the team he likes best. advertisementSidhu’s Juggernaut Rolls OnHere’s how celebrity XIs stood at the end of November’s first week. How’s your team doing?CELEBRITYTEAM NAMESCORENavjot SidhuHarsha BhogleSunil GavaskarSalil AnkolaManinder SinghGeoffrey BoycottAlan WilkinsAshish NehraAjay BhambiNaseeruddin ShahJuggernautChinsat ElevenSunshine ElevenScorchersDhamaka ElevenBoycsWilkoAshish’s ElevenZodiacQuestion Marks981785712706644603540468430291last_img read more

Here’s When The Big 12 Wants To Make A Decision On Expansion

first_imgHouston Cougars football's TDECU Stadium.HOUSTON, TX – OCTOBER 17: A general view of the field prior to the start of the game between the Temple Owls and the Houston Cougars at TDECU Stadium on October 17, 2014 in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)Expansion talk for the Big 12 has been going on for years. It will likely continue to go on for years, too. Texas’ athletic director, Mike Perrin, said this evening that he thinks this is a dialogue that could “continue several years.”Texas AD Mike Perrin on expansion: “I think this is a dialogue that could continue several years.”— David Ubben (@davidubben) June 1, 2016The conference’s commissioner has a less vague timeline.  Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby says he hopes a decision is made – one way or another – by the end of the summer. Big 12 commish Bowlsby on timeline for expansion: ‘I’m going to push for decisions to be made one way or another by the end of the summer.’— Joseph Duarte (@Joseph_Duarte) June 1, 2016Houston, among other teams, is pushing to join the Big 12. The Cougars appear to be a great fit for the league, but it’d be surprising if the conference adds just one school. With 10 universities currently in the conference, it would make most sense to add at least two (or four) teams.last_img read more

United Left wins all key posts in JNUSU polls

first_imgNew Delhi: As expected the Left alliance has once again secured an emphatic victory in the Jawaharlal Nehru University Students’ Union (JNUSU) polls. The Left alliance comprising of AISA, SFI, AISF and DSF, has bagged all four seats of Central Panel Posts– president, vice-president, general secretary, and joint secretary – making this the fourth consecutive win for the Left.Aishe Ghosh of Students’ Federation of India (SFI), a left ally, has been elected president of JNU with 2,313 votes while the ABVP contestant for the same post, Manish Jangid, managed 1,128 votes. For the post of vice president, Democratic Students’ Federation’s (DSF), Saket Moon, got 3,365 votes while Shruti Agnihotri secured 1,335 votes. The post of General Secretary was bagged by Satish Chandra Yadav of All India Students’ Association (AISA) with 2,518 votes; on the other hand, Sabareesh PA got 1,355 votes.last_img read more

Woman survives after runaway snowmobile crashes into home lands on her

first_imgST. JOHN’S, N.L. — A Newfoundland man says it’s a miracle his wife is alive after his runaway snowmobile crashed through the window of their home, smashing furniture and pinning her underneath.The throttle of Bruce Porter’s snowmobile stuck and he watched from beside it as the machine started up and launched over a snowbank, straight through the window of his Porterville, N.L., home on Tuesday.The runaway machine destroyed furniture and sent debris and glass flying, finally landing on top of Porter’s wife Louise.Amazingly, she suffered cuts and lacerations from broken glass but no broken bones.Relative Barry Porter says the machine may have slowed down after hitting so many objects, and it picked up a cushion before landing on her.As Louise Porter recovers in hospital, her husband says he’s thankful only material possessions were broken in the accident.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Sergio Aguero calls for police to continue search for Emiliano Sala

first_imgSergio Aguero has joined the growing list of stars urging the police to reconsider calling off the search for Emiliano Sala.On Thursday evening, Guernsey Police made the sad announcement that they had decided to end their search for Argentinian striker Sala and pilot David Ibbotson after no success in three days.The pair were on board a Piper PA-46 Malibu aircraft that disappeared off Alderney in the English Channel Islands at 20:30 (GMT) on Monday while they travelled from Nantes to Cardiff, where Sala had just sealed a £15m transfer.Search and rescue teams had been deployed to search for the missing pair on Tuesday and worked tirelessly in their efforts to find even the smallest trace of them.Sadly, they could not find anything with Guernsey Police releasing a statement after a three-day search to announce they’ve ended the search.Soon afterwards, Sala’s sister Romina made a public plea for the search to resume as she has still not lost hope that her brother is still alive with their father, Horacio, later joining in.Now their pleas have been backed by Manchester City’s Argentine star duo Aguero and Nicolas Otamendi.Premier LeaguePremier League Betting: Match-day 5 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Going into the Premier League’s match-day five with a gap already beginning to form at the top of the league. We will take a…“We don’t want to give up, we want to hold on to hope,” Aguero wrote on Twitter.“That’s why I also wish #NoDejenDeBuscar – don’t call off the search. From the start, my thoughts have been with Emiliano, his family and friends #PrayForSala.”Otamendi added on Twitter: “I’d like to express my sympathies to Emiliano’s family and urge the police to keep searching for the plane. There’s still hope to find them alive.”Chelsea’s newest signing Gonzalo Higuain also gave his support to the search being resumed.“I ask all the people of the world to continue the search for Emiliano Sala until the last moment,” said the Argentine striker.“There is no stopping and you have to go to the end. Thank you.”last_img read more