Killzone on PS4 can handle 24 enemy AI on screen PS3 was

first_imgWith the launch of the PS4 and Xbox One next month, console gaming is going to be brought right up to date in terms of performance. The hardware inside both machines is on a par with what modern PCs currently offer, and developers are sure to take advantage of that from day one. But according to developer Guerrilla Games, the games on these new consoles won’t just look better, they’ll squeeze a lot more gameplay in, too.The Official PlayStation Magazine UK did an interview with Killzone: Shadow Fall lead designer Eric Boltjes where he discussed the capabilities of the PS4 and how much better it is than previous generation hardware in terms of what can be included in a game.It’s hard to see just how much better PS4 and Xbox One games are in terms of experience until you actually get to experience them, but Boltjes has certainly whetted my appetite for what’s coming.Comparing the Killzone games on the PS3 with Shadow Fall, he stated that the PS3 saw enemy AI limited to seven on screen at any one time. Within those seven you could have two different types of enemy. That allows for some interesting gameplay and challenges, but the variation is clearly quite limited.With Shadow Fall on PS4, the enemy AI count maxes out at 24 and several different types. That’s over 3x the number, which should make for a very busy FPS. And what happens if a 25th enemy is added? The frame rate of the game will drop, so it’s unlikely you’ll see that happening too often (at least on purpose) in Killzone: Shadow Fall.You can apply this gain to any game type you like. As well as better graphics performance, PS4 games will generally have a lot more going on in terms of action, and it’s safe to say the same thing about games on Xbox One. That’s great for gameplay, and hopefully breathes new life in to many of the well-established genres as well as allowing more than a few novel new games to be created.last_img read more

God Hand has been modded into Doom

first_imgIf you’ve ever played the original Doom and thought to yourself, “this would be a lot more fun as a completely different game,” you’re in luck.Modders have been picking apart and reconstructing the original Doom since its release in 1993. As modding tools become more and more complex, Doom has become something of a testing ground for modders as they push the limits of what can be done to an existing game. For many, changing a few textures or models is enough. For the incredibly ambitious, however, adding completely different gameplay is the ultimate prize.YouTuber edy pagaza has done just that, inserting the critically divisive title God Hand into Doom, complete with over-the-top martial arts moves and dropkick attack. The demons of Doom are plowed through with little resistance, proving they’re no match for the legendary God Hands. The upbeat music is a far cry from the typical Doom experience, but that doesn’t stop edy pagaza from uppercutting demons so hard they explode into tiny bloody pieces.For now, the mod is a work in progress, but edy pagaza’s YouTube channel shows a few other projects he’s tinkered with in the past, including a force field mod that produces a bubble shield on command and a weapon mod that inserts Killing Floor 2’s armory into the game. Previously, other modders have put Resident Evil 4 and Metroid Prime into Doom, but there’s nothing quite like beating demons with your bare fists.last_img read more