Interesting research: What do tourists do on their first day on vacation?

first_imgThe first 24 hours are crucial for a holiday because almost half of the passengers (46%) who participated in the global survey believe that the first day determines the mood of the whole holiday, while one quarter of Croatian passengers (28%) claim that the first hours can decide travel successful or not., a world leader in connecting travelers to the most amazing accommodations, conducted a survey on a sample of 18.000 travelers from 25 countries around the world to investigate what really happens in the first 24 hours of vacation.The first 24 hours are crucial for a holiday because almost half of the passengers (46%) who participated in the global survey of, believe that the first day determines the mood of the whole holiday, while a quarter of passengers from Croatia (28%) claim that the first hours I can decide if the whole trip is successful or not.Interesting data, isn’t it? And that is why being a real host is extremely important, both for the guests and for you, whether it is a family accommodation or a hotel. How do you greet guests? Did you prepare a welcome drink and some indigenous snack for them? Yet they traveled for hours to reach you.What do tourists do on their first day on vacation? Respondents’ answers to the question about the most important activities on the first day of vacation evoke an interesting picture of the 21st century traveler. Traditional elements such as unpacking (68%), inspecting accommodation (60%) and planning activities for the next day (53%) took the first three places of the global survey respondents. Respondents from Croatia consider going to coffee, beer or a glass of wine (68%), unpacking (61%) and taking a nap in the afternoon (55%) to be the most important activities on the first day of vacation.Global research also shows how important the role of technology is in our leisure activities compared to before:perfect photo for social networks (27%, and even 37% among respondents aged 18 to 34, among respondents from Croatia 21%) Do you have Wifi? reading online reviews for restaurants (26%, among respondents from Croatia 14%)meeting new people / trying to make new friends (24%)language learning (16%)ordering room service (15%)listening to holiday playlists (13%)business email verification (10%, also 10% for Croatian respondents) Also, in the first 24 hours of vacation, activities involving accommodation ranked high on the passenger priority list. Viewing accommodation is in second place (60%) while more than a third of travelers (36%) claim that one of the most important things for them is to test the bed on the first day by jumping on it or napping.According to the role of the comfort of our temporary home on vacation, respondents listed the most important things they use in their accommodation in the first 24 hours. Passengers from Croatia have the following priorities:comfortable mattress (52%)beautiful view (48%)rich breakfast (41%)air conditioned room (37%)warm welcome to the hosts (33%)Take a look, ie be a tourist in your accommodation even better and go through this list. It is extremely important to put yourself in the role of a guest, because only in this way can you see the advantages and disadvantages, as well as what you lack. Of course, if you care about the guest and tourism and if you are a real host in family accommodation. When it comes to the time required for these activities, the survey results show that taking photos for social media, checking business emails and ordering room service happens before more traditional activities like enjoying the first ice cream on vacation and swimming in the pool, 47% of passengers eat the first ice cream within the first hour and only 19% go to the pool while 54% take photos, 56% check email and 57% order room service in the same time period. “Vacation is a time when we can travel to new destinations, have new experiences and take a break from the routine of everyday life. Expectations are often high and with everything we want to see and experience, a lot depends on the first 24 hours. Our mission at is to enable people to explore the entire world and this includes helping to strive for the first hours of vacation to meet, if not exceed, their expectations. Accommodation is a common component of every holiday, so whether you want to have Wi-Fi, a rich breakfast every day or just a beautiful view, we make it easy for you to find the ideal accommodation and develop advanced technological solutions that make your stay extremely easy. beginning. ” pointed out Pepijn Rijvers, marketing director at Booking.comlast_img read more

One killed in Guilford ATV crash

first_imgGuilford, In.— Indiana Conservation Officers say a Sunday night ATV crash in Dearborn County claimed the life of a 60-year-old Guilford man. Daniel James Thomas was pronounced deceased at the intersection of North Dearborn Road and Ennis Ridge Road around 8:20 p.m.Investigators believe Thomas was northbound on North Dearborn Road when he attempted a left turn, causing the ATV to roll onto its side. The ATV slid into a tree, collapsing the roll cage onto Thomas. Thomas was wearing a seatbelt and harness but no helmet.last_img read more

Ronaldinho shows skill but loses foot-volley match to convicted murderer, robber [VIDEO]

first_imgDinho’s first month in jailRonaldinho, is said to be adapting to life in a Paraguayan jail where he has been incarcerated for over a month and is being investigated for entering the country with a fake passport.The former world player of the year had a rough bedding-in period but now appears to be, if not enjoying his stay in jail, making the most of it.Earlier in his stay, reports from the prison say his mates continually offered him snacks, in an attempt to make him feel welcome and make his adjustment to life in the Paraguayan jail much easier.However, Ronaldinho, still in shock over his incarceration, was reluctant to accept any gifts.He eventually warmed up to his mates and started accepting snacks and tea, Marca reported at the time.In fact, Ronaldinho became accustomed to his fellow inmates that he would have long conversations with some of them about his days in football.A number of the inmates, who were in awe of having such a huge star join them, couldn’t resist asking him for autographs, which the ever-jovial star was happy to sign.Reports indicate that even the prison guards could not help requesting the Brazilian to sign autographs for themselves and their kids.Having been ordered to remain in jail by the judge, after his first appearance in court, Ronaldinho joined a football team in jail, where he showed that class is permanent.‘Dinho’ dominated the trophy match, scoring five goals and assisting six more, with all kinds of tricks and flicks along the way as his side won the 16kg smoked pig on offer.Prior to the game, there had been a huge bidding war for the player, with many teams keen to have him in their ranks.One of the policemen actually lent him a pair of shoes to play in.Aside football, which is certainly Ronaldinho’s first love, the player has been learning carpentry in the jail.He has also taken to teaching the inmates some of the skills that made him a global icon and plays football everyday.“He plays football every day and teaches the guys he plays with a few tricks,” a source told ESPNHowever, it’s not been all roses for the Brazilian as he is reported to be missing music, having taken to playing the bongos during his retirement.He is not allowed to play instruments in jail.Ronaldinho is quite concerned about his mum as well and reportedly calls her every evening to check on her.The player also recently spent his 40th birthday behind bars, not the ideal setting for such a landmark period.He did, however, get to celebrate the day with a ‘huge barbeque’.Arrest, court appearanceRonaldinho was arrested in Paraguay over claims that he entered the country using a fake passport.According to the BBC, police in the country also searched the hotel where the Brazilian had been staying with his brother in the Paraguayan capital in the capital, Asuncion.Paraguay’s Interior Minister, Euclides Acevedo, clarified to ESPN Brazi that the two had not been arrested but are under investigation and that they are cooperating with the police.“I respect his sporting popularity but the law must also be respected. No matter who you are, the law still applies,” he said.Another man who travelled with the brothers – 45-year-old Wilmondes Sousa Lira – has also been held.When they appeared in court, the judge ordered them to be held in pre-trial detention, denying them bail or house arrest.It is reported that Ronaldinho faces six months in jail for the offence if found guilty.In July 2019, 57 of Ronaldinho’s properties were seized following a court order, due to unpaid taxes.A Brazilian newspaper, Folha de S.Paulo that Ronaldinho owed 9.5 million reais, the equivalent of GH¢ 13.5 million.The former Barcelona player also reportedly also owed creditors 7.8 million reais, or GH¢ 11.1 million.A judge in Porto Alegre told Reuters news that because the case was under judicial secrecy rules it couldn’t comment on it.The former player has also had his passports seized by Spanish and Brazilian authorities.Ronaldinho featured on that year’s Instagram Rich List, placing sixth, with the Brazilian reportedly charging £206,000 for every promotional post.He had a storied career that spanned just over two decades, playing for some of Europe’s biggest sides including Barcelona and AC Milan.He enjoyed the most successful period of his career at the Catalan club, where he scored 94 goals and assisted 71 more.He was also named the World Footballer of the Year in 2004 and 2005, winning the Ballon d’Or in 2005. Brazil and Barcelona legend, Ronaldinho might have dazzled in his first football tournament in the Paraguayan jail he’s currently in but even he can’t win it all.Some footage was shared of Ronaldinho playing foot-volley in prison with other inmates.The video showed ‘Dinho’ in classic form, with deft touches and headers as he appeared to be breezing through the game with his partner in the doubles game.While Ronaldinho’s team might have won that encounter, local reports suggest that the Brazilian and his mate lost their next match, against a convicted murderer and robber.The first of the pair, who are both disgraced police officers, is reportedly serving an 18-year jail term for shooting a man after a music festival.The second, according to The Sun, is serving a 10-year prison sentence for robbery, after he was one of a number of corrupt police officers who split money stolen by a security van driver.Ronaldinho has taken up playing football in jail, among other activities to stay fit.Take a look the video below:last_img read more