1 Million Students Attend Private Schools in Morocco Secretary of Education

Rabat- Around one million of Moroccan students attend private schools, making up 14 percent of the student population in the country. During a meeting of House of Representatives on Monday, May 7, in Rabat, the Moroccan Secretary of State for Higher Education and Scientific Research, Khalid Samadi, reported that students pursuing private education make up 14 percent of the total Moroccan student population. Samadi also referred to 32 private schools that incorrectly entered exam grades in the national education system, resulting in the loss or inaccurate reporting of grades. However, the education official emphasized that private educational institutions are not rivals to public education, but partners, especially since the implementation of the National Charter for Education and Training. Declared by King Mohammed VI within the framework of “2000-2009 Decade of Education,” the National Charter aims to fight gender and class inequality, reduce the illiteracy rate, improve the quality of education, and develop private education in the kingdom. The poor conditions of public schools have resulted in Morocco’s ranking amongst the least effective educational systems worldwide, according to UNESCO.Morocco is taking measures to improve the quality of education for all levels as part of the implementation of the strategic vision of the 2015-2030 reform program, in line with the 2016-2021 Government Action Program.So far, the government dedicated more than MAD 70 billion to improve the educational conditions and material resources for university students during the current academic year. read more