Othmanis Sandals Prompt Humorous Reactions

Rabat – It certainly took a while for outgoing and caretaker of government, Abdelilah Benkirane, to be accustomed to protocol. Many times he sent it to air by not carefully observing its strict rules.His replacement, Saad Eddine Othmani, is apparently not doing better. In a recent picture that went viral, the appointed Head of Government is seen wearing a pair of leather sandals that didn’t seem to go with his suit, during a meeting with prominent Palestinian figures.The picture prompted reactions from Moroccan social media users who joked about their Head of Government’s outfit. The incident comes just a few days after another photo of a major political figure, USFP leader Driss Lachgar, went viral. Lachgar appeared with a mis-buttoned jacket during a press conference alongside Othmani and other leaders of the governmental coalition.With Othmani Moroccans found another occasion to laugh at their politicians, saying that “judging by how these leaders looked, it is very clear the next government will be not much to look at either”.Was Mr Othmani just being himslef? or was he forced to wear a pair of sandals because of some sort of pain in his feet? or was he just not cereful to be seen with those sandals while everybody else in the picture was wearing a pair of shoes?So many questions whose answers might or might not give an excuse to the appointed Head of Government’ seemingly carelessness in choosing what to wear on his feet. read more