Local activists call for inquest for murdered aboriginal women

Local women were expressing their outrage Sunday over Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s refusal to call an inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women.They sang songs and beat drums but feel their pleas are falling on deaf ears.One Hamilton activist, Whilamina McGrimmond has had enough.“I always want to scream and cry, we really need to put a stop to this. Women are not trash, they cant just be thrown away.”The calls for action were renewed when aboriginal teenager Tina Fontaine was found dead in the Red River in Winnipeg almost a week ago.Liberal leader Justin Trudeau is the latest politician to condemn Harper for his refusal to call an inquiry.“I think the Prime Minister is wrong and I will continue to join my voice with the other Premieres as we did last year to call on the Federal Government to call a public inquiry.”Ontario Premiere Kathleen Wynne has called Harper’s comments “outrageous.”The RCMP estimates there have been over 1100 cases of missing aboriginal women since 1980. Statistics show aboriginal women make up only 4.3% of the population but account for 11% of missing women and 16% of homicides.McGrimmond says if the Prime Minster won’t call an inquiry it’s time for him to go.“We are going to have to vote him out, we have to take control of our own live. Whether we have to start running for government, we really need to start stepping up.”She says she’s encouraged by Wynne’s words. She plans to organize women’s activist groups to bang on the doors of MP’s to demand the inquiry. read more