10 Best Portable Grills for Grilling on the Go

first_img Editors’ Recommendations Design nerds and outdoor cooking enthusiasts unite! The UCO grill is brilliant and capable — each piece of the grill slides into a steel tube when disassembled, and assembly takes just a few minutes. The result is a 10-inch by 9-inch grill surface that perches above your campfire, cooking perfectly seared meats. At less than 20 oz in weight, this clever, compact grill is light enough to carry during days of trekking. Great food and the great outdoors, together at last.Buy NowEverdure CubeCreated as part of the Everdure line by famed chef Heston Blumenthal, the Cube is a meat-cooking art geek’s dream. This 15-inch grill, which comes in four colors, features a porcelain enamel firebox and a manual ignition, which ensures that you won’t be stranded in the middle of nowhere with no way to light your grill. A heat protection shield and chrome handles aid in portability (and making sure you don’t burn the hell out of your hands when you’re done cooking).Buy NowSolaire Infrared Portable Anywhere GrillHate waiting for your grill to warm up? If so, the Solaire Infrared Portable Anywhere Grill is just the thing for you. The infrared burner heats up in three minutes and, according to the brand, the high temperatures generated cook your food up to 30 percent faster (while retaining up to 35 percent more natural juices). Another cool feature on this grill is the V-Grate, which helps eliminate flare-ups during grilling.Buy NowChar-Broil Portable Tabletop Charcoal Grill Sometimes, the simplest option is the best option. This tabletop grill from Char-Broil does not have any fancy bells or whistles; it just does what it’s supposed to, and it does it well. The grill only weighs 7.5 pounds and it folds up making for easy transportation and storage. With little to set up or assemble, you’ll be grilling in no time.Buy NowWeber Q 2200Featuring 280 square inches of cooking space, the Weber Q 2200 is an all-around great option when you’re looking for a portable grill. Equipped with one burner that generates 12,000 BTU per hour, this grill makes short work of any meal you may concoct on the go. Folding side tables make the grill easy to store or move, so you’ll really have no worries bringing it along.Buy NowTraeger Ranger Pellet GrillWe love just about everything Traeger puts out and this portable pellet grill is no exception. With a pellet hopper that holds eight pounds and a cooking space that accommodates up to six burgers (or one rack of ribs) at a time, you’ll be cranking out delicious food over your own personal mix of pellets in no time. The grill even comes with a cast iron griddle, allowing you to cook everything from breakfast to dinner. The one downside, though, is that it weighs 60 pounds, making it not great for bringing into the woods while camping.Buy NowAnd, if all of these are just a touch too heavy for your ultra-light ways, check out our list of the best cooking gear for car camping and backpacking, or the Wolf & Grizzly Grill, which The Manual named Best in Show for Camp Cooking at the 2018 Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show.Article originally published by Steven John. Last updated by Sam Slaughter. There’s nothing like a great meal to complement a great day, and there are few better ways to make a day great than by spending it outdoors with friends and family. When you prepare fine foods at a campsite, picnic on a beach, or just hang our in your own backyard, cooking is part of the larger experience and becomes more of a pleasure than a task. That is, so long as you have a decent portable grill on which to do the cooking. I can tell you from plenty of personal experience that trying to cook with inferior equipment while you’re far afield is a recipe for white hot rage and under-cooked burgers.If all you need to do is heat up water to rehydrate packs of camping food, then by all means, stick with a pocket-sized camp stove. If you want to grill up some ribeye, burgers, or salmon fillets while you’re away from it all, then one of these five portable grills will certainly serve all your al fresco cooking needs.Texsport Heavy Duty Camp GrillThere’s no manlier way to cook than with an open fire. This rugged grill folds flat for storage and opens up into a sturdy, durable cook surface that perches atop the flames of your campfire charcoal bed. Its 24-inch by 16-inch cook-top will accommodate several steaks, up to eight burgers, and plenty of roasting veggies. Unfortunately, with its rugged design comes a hefty 10-pound weight, making this grill a bad choice for backpacking. Also, you’ll need some fire starting chops.Buy NowColeman RoadTrip LXE Propane Grill How to Grill Fish: A Quick and Easy Guide to Getting it Right Every Time If you want a gourmet grilling experience when far from home, consider the Coleman RoadTrip LXE. It’s far too bulky for the hiker or mountaineer, but for RV travels or car camping, it brings the comforts of a standard gas grill out into the country. It has two fully adjustable burners, side tables for tools or food, and it folds down small enough for the trunk of most any car. This grill is also small enough to be the perfect addition to a city balcony or patio where saving space is a priority.Buy NowKenyon City GrillSo for this one, you’ll need an outlet, limiting you to a campsite with facilities, an RV, a cabin with power, or your own backyard. But what you lose in suitability for use in remote locations, you gain in amazing performance. This plug-in electric grill could well be the only grill you use at home thanks to its superb heat control and the high temperatures it can reach. You can clean the grate by hand or in the dishwasher; the drip trays last for many uses but can be tossed once overly soiled. Shout out to Kenyon for keeping things simple: the grill is controlled with just one knob, which features an off position and eight different heat settings ranging from low to high. Also, this is the “Official Grill of the Boston Red Sox,” just FYI.Buy NowWeber Smokey Joe Charcoal GrillAh, the little grill that could. If you’ve never cooked using a Weber, you’re missing out on a classic slice of American life. This little grill is every bit as a capable as its iconic larger cousin, the Kettle Grill. The Smokey Joe, however, weighs less than 10 lb and will fit in your compact car’s trunk. Just don’t forget the charcoal. And maybe some lighter fluid. Oh, and the meat … never forget the meat.Buy NowUCO Grilliput Portable Camping Grill The Custom Indian x Traeger Motorcycle Features a Legit Barbecue Grill Sidecar An American Classic: How to Grill Burgers The Right Way Every Time Become a Grill Master this Summer with the Best Grilling Accessories 15 Best Subscription Boxes for Men Who Love Giftslast_img read more

As appeal is denied at Lockerbie trial Annan voices hope for closure

“The Lockerbie trial understandably has been followed with great interest, and has caused anguish to many,” a spokesperson for Mr. Annan said in a statement released today at UN Headquarters in New York. “The families of the victims have been suffering ever since this tragic event, and the Secretary-General shares their sorrow.” Earlier today, the appeals court in Camp Zeist dismissed the motion by Abdel Basset Al-Megrahi, convicted last year for the 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Scotland, which resulted in the death of 270 people. The spokesman noted that as agreed with all the parties concerned, the United Nations Secretariat would now work with the British authorities to monitor the conditions of Mr. Al-Megrahi’s imprisonment in Scotland. read more