The spirit of the six plenary session at the grassroots level for a seedling wood rich village in Hu

from the county road, a wide cement road meanders, on both sides of the road and the green wall tile a wild profusion of vegetation, the farmyard hidden in these plants among here is Li Shan Zhen Gang Cha Cun, Huangzhong county.

Gang Cha Cun is a mountainous area, the village land area of 990 acres, 182 households and 665 people. 2003 years ago, the village is a poor fork village, the annual per capita income of less than 1000 yuan. In recent years, the village Party branch in accordance with the "party building around the economy, promote the development of party", the work of Party building and seedling planting industry combine walking path of "branch + cooperative", the construction and characteristic industry mutual promotion goals. In ten years, has changed dramatically Gang Cha Cun, now the average income of villagers year reached 20 thousand yuan, every family built a new house, 40% of the farmers at home to buy a car, had a happy wonderfull life. read more