The danger appears to Sichuan disaster area of Xining SWAT team from temporary party

5 in Sichuan on 12 September in Wenchuan after the earthquake, the police detachment of police of Xining public security detachment in Sichuan, with the fastest speed and rushed to the disaster hit Sichuan Deyang Shifang Luoshui, Jiandi town two. In the first line of relief, give full play to the role of Fortress temporary establishment of Party organizations at all levels, led by the Communist Party members and police officers in charge before, dedication, braved the high-temperature heat, overcome and devote yourself to The climate does not suit one., maintenance of disaster social order work, efforts to solve problems for the masses of the people in the disaster areas, with hard work and the sweat, the practice of "think of the people, all for the people" clank oath, the Great Wall of steel cast invincible, no difficulty can, writing a good image of the Qinghai public security heroic loyalty and dedication. read more